Coronavirus Update

Because of COVID-19, the Department of Health and Human Services has issued a Directed Health Measure that strictly prohibits non-emergency dental care until May 11 for the Nebraska panhandle. Accordingly, we will be closed until that date. If you have a dental emergency, which would include dental trauma, uncontrollable bleeding, or facial swelling you can reach Dr. Dickey on his cell phone at (308) 641-6661 or go to the emergency room. Urgent dental care, including toothaches, broken teeth or fillings, infections, broken partials and dentures, or severe sore spots caused by dentures and partials may be treated on a case by case basis. Please leave a message on our answering machine at the office for these situations. Dr. Dickey will check the voicemail each weekday and get back to you for guidance. We appreciate your understanding and support and wish you health and safety during this time.