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Why is dental care so expensive? I can go to Mexico and get it done for half the price!

In the United States, dentists are subject to many laws and regulations. To become a licensed dentist, you have to attend four years of college followed by four years of dental school. Dental school is not inexpensive, and young dentists can come out with hundreds of thousands of dollars of student loans.
In the US, we also have strict sanitation regulations, radiological regulations, and ongoing continuing education requirements to ensure that the public that dentists are safe, clean, and knowledgeable. If a dentist does not meet the standard of care, patients can hold the doctor accountable through legal means.

If you see a doctor in another country, they don’t have the same sanitation requirements, so you run the risk of transmissible diseases from any previous patients. Their supplies and equipment aren’t approved by the FDA, so may not be safe and could injure or harm you.

And since the dentists themselves didn’t have the same education, they may not have the knowledge and education to do a procedure correctly or safely. If something goes awry, you have no way to hold them accountable. If you choose to seek dental care in another country, you also must travel back to that country on short notice to treat any emergencies!

We understand that the cost of dental treatment is a challenge for many people. If you have concerns, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We offer interest-free CareCredit financing and accept all major credit cards.

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