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Do you treat children, perform root canals or do extractions?

Dr. Dickey is a general dentist and provides procedures for many different ages and types of people. However, he wants you to have an easy time with whatever treatment you may need. If he believes that your circumstance requires the expertise of a specialist, he will refer you to a specialist in the area that he trusts.

We extract many teeth in our office but can only tell you if it’s practical after reviewing your medical history and examining the nearby anatomy and root structure of the tooth. Similarly, only after reviewing the unique anatomy of a tooth can we determine if it is a root canal we should perform here in our office or not. If we can’t do either procedure, we have great oral surgeons and an endodontist nearby who can.

Dr. Dickey loves working with children and can treat most ages and simple cases in the office. If a child has extensive needs or is too young to cooperate, however, we may refer you to a pediatric dentist who is equipped to handle children’s unique needs and provide sedation if necessary.

At Chappell Family Dentistry, we patients of all ages who have a variety of dental needs. But if we feel your specific problem would be best handled by a specialist, we work with highly-skilled professionals to whom we can refer you.

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