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Dr. Dickey, when was the last time you wore a tie?

As a general rule, I do not believe in wearing ties.  They feel uncomfortable to me, like somebody is slowly trying to choke me. That being said, there are certain occasions where I have been coerced into wearing a necktie. I only do so after complaining loudly to anybody that will listen to my plight.  

I do remember wearing a necktie to prom in high school, although I’m pretty sure it was one of those clip-on types, and strictly speaking, I’m not sure if that counts. Even at my own wedding, I’m pretty sure it was a clip-on type, because the tux was rented. In fact, the only time I remember wearing an actual tie was for pictures in dental school. I may have worn a tie under my graduation gown, though I find that highly unlikely. I can safely say that it has now been over six years since I have worn a tie that actually tied.  

If you can find any evidence of me wearing a necktie since 2011, it is probably not from a reliable source. I would recommend burning said evidence, as I believe dishonest sources have no place in dentistry.  

If you have made it through this lengthy tirade, you no doubt have a sense of humor, and we will get along great.