Children's Dentistry

Our office is happy to see people of any age, and we love seeing kids. We recommend that you start bringing your children to visit us at Chappell Family Dentistry from an early age so that they can form a positive opinion of the dentist.

Positive Visits Are Important!

Remember, the way you talk about a trip to the dentist strongly influences how that visit will go. If you get your child excited to come and visit and see all of the new and exciting things, it goes much better than if you talk about shots and your own bad experience.

Everyone in our office has been a parent of a young child. We know that children have accidents and that often times they hurt their teeth.

If a child has never been to the dentist and has an emergency, it's much scarier than if they have visited our office previously and know who we are. Even when kids are too young to cooperate for a dental cleaning, there is value in having them visit the office and see what we do.

Your Child’s First Visit

When a child comes for a first visit, we like to show and explain what we are going to do before we do it. We talk about brushing and flossing, and if appropriate take pictures of their teeth to look for cavity bugs.

Prevention for kids is the most important thing we can stress. By having regular cleanings and exams, children see the importance of their teeth and in taking good care of them. We also like to place sealants, or protective coatings, on the grooves of back teeth because these have been shown to prevent cavities. We also like to do fluoride treatments, which helps to harden teeth to prevent cavities from forming.

When a child does get a cavity, we can usually treat them in our office. We don’t say the word "shot" or like for parents to explain to the child what we are going to do beforehand. This can create a lot of anxiety for kids, and it makes it hard to get the necessary treatment done. Please let us explain what we are doing to your child in easy to understand, positive words.