When you get a cavity and it is caught early on, it can usually be repaired with a filling or dental restoration. As general dentists, this is the most common problem we treat.

At Chappell Family Dentistry, we are happy to offer both white composite fillings and silver amalgam fillings. Each type has its pros and cons, and we believe that each has its place in dentistry. If you need a filling, we are happy to restore it with whatever material you choose.

Why You Get Cavities

If you’re wondering what a cavity is, the easiest way to think of it is a hole in the tooth. The hole is soft and is caused by bacteria that live in your mouth and eat the same things you do. And just like you do, the bacteria produce waste. This waste is extremely acidic, and if it is left on your teeth too long it can break down the hard parts of your teeth and produce the soft holes we call cavities.

How We Treat Cavities

We treat cavities by removing the soft parts of the teeth along with the bacteria that caused the cavities. This is usually after you are numb since teeth have nerves and we don’t want you to be uncomfortable. Once the cavity is removed, the hole that the bacteria made is usually a little larger, so we place a filling in that space to keep bacteria from getting in and making another hole.

If you choose to have a silver amalgam filling, we mix the alloy in a special machine and then place it into the cavity. We pack it down inside the hole so that there are no voids and then shape it before the filling hardens in a few minutes.

If you choose to have a white composite filling, a few more steps are involved. First, we have to carefully isolate your tooth. Should your tooth become contaminated with saliva while we are in the process of filling it, the filling will not last long because the bond will be weak.

Next, we apply a material that creates a microscopically rough surface and then apply an adhesive to the tooth with a tiny brush. Finally, we pack our composite filling material down into the cavity to fill in the space. The filling material is the consistency of Silly Putty or Play-Doh, so we can shape it to build the tooth back to where it should be. When we are satisfied, we shine a strong blue light on it so that the filling will harden.

Please Call Us to Arrange An Appointment

Fillings come in all shapes and sizes, and they are easiest and cheapest to treat when cavities are caught early on. If you think you have a cavity, please don’t hesitate to contact Chappell Family Dentistry to make an appointment. We will treat the problem while it's small and before it becomes more extensive and costly to fix.